Workshop on Third Gender

Workshop on Third Gender

Our college CTE Shankar Nagar Raipur had organized third gender workshops many times in the year 2016-17. It had been organized on 10/04/2018, 29/09/2018 and 09/09/2019 by our college. Students participated in large numbers in this workshop.

An aim of this third gender workshop was to make the student sensitive to the third gender to make them capable to understand the problems of third gender people in our society. To make the students understand the body texture of people of the third gender. To make them enable to understand deeply the emotion of third gender people.

It is our duty to connect the community of the third gender with our society. Our students understood the inner conflicts of the people and the third gender. They also are capable of solving the problem of the third gender.

All the students and faculty members of our academic institution participated in this educational workshop. All the students and staff members Co-operated to make this workshop successful. The student talked face to face with third gender people. they got the opportunity to understand the mental status of the third gender people.

School or educational institutions are the cornerstones of a new society, if the gap between female, male or third gender can be eliminated in student life, then social inclusion of the third gender will help.  If we take them with us in our daily life, discuss their positive effects and cooperation, share the success stories of third gender persons and reach service positions to the children, then it is possible that the new generation will be able to reduce this inequality.

The third gender community is such a community, which is not able to find its existence even after being present in the middle of the society!  A person with a disability or serious illness is also adopted by the family, the alcoholic or drug addict is also not spared, their service and convenience are taken care of, but these third gender persons born due to genetic predisposition don't even adopt his own family!  On the basis of baseless misconceptions, the family also abandons them by giving them a stigma like analogy!

Where on the one hand their family does not support them, and society keeps on snatching their right to life by providing them with humiliation, disdain and frustration.  Due to economic inability, social neglect, lack of education, etc., they choose work like begging and prostitution.

Neither mental development nor physical development is possible in a neglected environment.  If they are given an uninterrupted environment with social acceptance and encouragement, then even the third gender can set records like women and men, for which the first effort. 

Fascism and fabricated stories have created an atmosphere full of hatred and delusions towards the third gender, while the description of their beautiful character is also visible in the texts, but the social point of view is more dominated by misleading stories than logic and interpretation at the school level can be denied and the coming generation can be made positive towards the third gender with a healthy mindset.

Setting new records of civilization and success, how can we dream of a 21st century Golden India, until the deprived people get their basic rights?

Education is the only powerful medium through which the establishment of an egalitarian society is possible.  Unless the individual attitude towards the third gender in the society changes, the third gender community will not be free from exclusion, disdain and conflict. This is a personal and moral responsibility at the school level, in which teachers, students and social organizations etc. have to come out openly, and accept it as a challenge. Implementation of the rights of the third gender should be made practically possible, only then we will be able to see the smile on the withered faces who are living a life of exile due to social neglect.

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